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Why do you spend time reading the Consumer Report magazine? Probably because you desire to see what other consumers have to say about the companies or products you want to buy. Do you also thrive in giving advice about various products or find yourself drifting to review type of searches when you want to buy something online or at your local store?

The desire for consumer information is immense because no one wants to lose their money, or pay more for a shady product when they can afford a good one. Online, e-commerce companies help their customers to discover good products by augmenting the experience of other consumers. They constantly update their review sections to help their buyers to make great decisions. If the buyers are happier, it means that seller quality is increasing and there is little or no room for disappointment.

While offering an e-commerce service, many essay writing companies fail to provide enough information to their consumers. is all about consumers of essay writing companies who happen to be students.

Students as consumers

Students spend a lot of their pocket money getting their essays and term papers done on essay writing companies. When they do, they expect nothing less than stellar services from the companies they select. Unfortunately, this rarely happens with many of them forced to use companies that don’t serve them well. This is where consumer reports need to come to the fore to protect the interests of this group of consumers.

Why essay companies should be subject to reviews

While essay writing companies offer a great service to college and high school students, they also operate without oversight. This is responsible for a good number of poorly structured companies that provide lip service to students – poorly written papers, overpriced papers, plagiarized papers, etc. with customer reviews in place; it will be much easier for students to discover essay writing companies they deserve. is at the forefront of providing them with the right reviews before they can spend money on essays online.

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How our platform works

We regularly ask consumers of essay writing services to share feedback on This is usually in form of ratings or text reviews. Our team aggregates the information they give into a chart other users can easily rely upon for decision making. There is also an expert review on this website to help you choose the right custom paper writing company.